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Types of Motorcycle Coverage

What Are Your Options When It Comes to Motorcycle Coverage?

When it comes to motorcycle insurance, coverage options are not too different from the standard coverage options for auto insurance. Besides basic liability and underinsured/uninsured coverage for motorists, the following options are also offered by most insurers:

Roadside Assistance

If your motorcycle breaks down, then this option will cover labor and towing from the location where you are stranded.


Collision pays for any damage that was done to your bike after subtracting the amount of your deductible. When you first purchase your policy, the amount that you select to have deducted from the claim check is known as the deductible.


The deductible also applies to comprehensive coverage, which is useful for situations in which your motorcycle is stolen or takes damage from something other than an accident involving another vehicle.

Transport Trailer Coverage

A large amount of insurance companies offer customers coverage up to $7,500 for trailers.

Trip Interruption Coverage

If you are a long way from your home, typically more than 100 miles with most policies, and your motorcycle is damaged from a collision, then trip interruption coverage will come in quite handy. It will pay for transportation, lodging and food.

Coverage For Custom Parts, Accessories and Equipment

Although the amount will tend to vary, most insurers will cover up to about $3,000 worth of custom accessories and parts as part of their collision and comprehensive insurance options.

Personal Injury Protection

Although the rules will vary based on which state you are in, personal injury protection will typically pay out if you, one of your passengers or a pedestrian suffers an injury in the accident, no matter which person was at fault. Since motorcyclists have a higher rate of traffic accidents than drivers of other vehicles, there are some states that will not let insurance companies offer PIP coverage to motorcyclists.

Medical Payments

Medical payments coverage differs from personal injury protection in that it will not cover any lost wages or other expenses resulting from the collision. Medical payments coverage will pay for medical expenses if you or someone riding with you ends up getting injured during an accident. If your current health insurance is not enough to cover these expenses, then medical payments coverage will be of great importance.

If you are looking to purchase motorcycle insurance, then be sure to get the correct quote based on the type of coverage that you will need. Do not make the mistake of just getting a quote for liability coverage if you will be needing a different type of policy.


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