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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We only collect the information necessary to evaluate your insurance needs, and to connect you with insurance agents or companies who can help you find the right insurance. We do not distribute or share your information to any other 3rd parties than those described in our Disclaimer/s, Privacy Policy, and/or our Terms and Conditions.

Below you will find the Privacy Policy for, also referred to as “Site” or “the Site” for the purposes of this document. It articulates our business practices on what information is needed, used, and collected by the Site. In agreeing to use the Site, you agree that you have read and consented to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

This is a privately-owned website. This site's purpose is to distribute information to its users regarding motorcycle insurance, and to provide access to compare insurance options and obtain free quotes. It is not meant to serve as legal or federal entity, and we are not a licensed insurance agent or brokerage.

The information contained in this site is for personal use only, and it is not intended to serve as or to replace legal or professional information or advice. This website was created to solicit insurance, and you will be contacted by a representative of an insurance company.

Age Restrictions:

You must be over the age of 18 to use, or give information to, this Site


In using this site, you are stating that you are a resident of the USA.

Personal Information

We may gather your personal information through our online quote form or our Contact Us page, if and when you so choose to willingly enter your information. This information includes but may not be limited to: Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Height, Weight, and Marital Status. By submitting your information, you acknowledge personal information is being collected by the Site.

Different insurance companies require different personal information, and since we pull from a large pool of companies, we may ask questions that several companies use in an attempt to match you with the most accurate and useful insurance companies and options.


This information could be used in processing an application, relay information about goods/services, give quotes, or other offers or information that could benefit you. We may share such information with insurance companies in order to best match you.

The data supplied in your application could be given to insurance agents, brokers, or representatives that could use your email address, telephone number, physical mailing address, or other ways, to offer a quote. We are neither responsible nor liable for any violation of our, or their own, Terms of Use or Privacy Policy that such a company or person commits.


Our Site, and its application form, use the encryption of data in order to maintain the security of information given to our Site. In spite of taking all sensible precautions and steps to protect such information, we cannot guarantee without fail that, because of the open Internet, any and all of such information given directly to us or transferred to us, will be fully prevented from and safeguarded against outside access. As such, our Site expressly disclaims liability and legal responsibility for any illegal access, theft, loss, interception, or damage made against either data or communications held on our Site. By using the Site, you consent to both such risks and your full comprehension of them.

Consent to Processing:

In filling out any forms, applications, and other arenas of personal information, you understand and accept your information could be transferred to Carriers, Agents, Representatives, Brokers, and other professionals involved in the Insurance area via call, email, and/or text message. Please note: such consent is given regardless of your phone number(s) listing on a national or local Do Not Call List.


We cannot control all the links to external Sites posted to our pages. We remind users that such outside sources and references have different Privacy Policies and are entirely separate from our company.

Your Acceptance of this Policy:

When using the Site, you automatically accept this Privacy Policy. If you disagree with part or all of this statement, please do not visit our Site. Your acceptance also gives us the right, at any point, to update, change, add, or remove, sections of our Privacy Policy, so please check this page periodically if this is a concern to you.